Best Bonking Beaches

It's not about the Bonking - it's about the Beaches!

But.... if you can find a beach that is also great for bonking, you have the best of both worlds!

The Best Bonking Beaches are the beaches that are easy to get to, but are still private, have a nice soft, golden sand, and give you the scenery to enjoy with the one that you love.

The world is full of magnificent beaches, but many are unknown to most of us - and that is why this web site is here - to tell you about those hidden gems!

This doesn't mean that the popular beaches cannot also be great Bonking Beaches - you just have to pick your time, so that you do not upset the local population or the law in force at tthat location. This might mean a crowded beach like Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia is a great Bonking Beach - but only at 3am on a nice summer night, out of the glow of the nearest street light.

Being from Australia, our focus is currently the beaches from Down Under, but we welcome your contributions about the great beaches you have found in your bonkventures, wherever that may be in the world. As we get more reviews from you, and as we travel the world ourselves, we will continue to add the Best Bonking beaches in the world.

**Note - we will NEVER publish pornographic reviews or photographs - see our terms and conditions here.

I will be travelling to the Whitsunday Islands on the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland in the middle of 2007, and look forward to reviewing what is classed as one of the best threee beaches in the world - Whitehaven Beach.

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